Traffic Cones

Road Traffic cones can be placed on roads or driveways or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. Use them to create separation or merge lanes during construction projects. Or use them as a safety precaution for trucks loading and unloading.

JMP has a great selection of road cones in stock. We also can provide barrier arms that span across two road cones to create a path or to keep people and vehicles out. We also have cone toppers which have a ribbon that can be pulled out and also used to create a barrier.

traffic cone 900mm

Traffic Cones 900mm Eco-friendly

These are a transit compliant and aerodynamic cone with a 360mm x 360mm base and weight 4.5kg. These cones hold their shape well and take vehicle abuse well.

heavy duty traffic cone

Heavy Duty Traffic Cones 5.8kg

This transit compliant and aerodynamically designed traffic cone has a heavyweight base providing extra security in even the most demanding of conditions. The 5.8 kg cone is ideal for contractors who need to have a heavier weighted cone.

small traffic cone

Small Traffic Cones 450mm ​Eco-friendly

This Eco- friendly cone has a recycled rubber 270 mm base, reflective band and premium fluorescent colour injected for long life visibility. This cone also features an interlocked injection moulding, specifically designed to avoid ripping or tearing under extreme pressure.