Speed Humps

Control traffic and reduce vehicle speeds with JMP’s Speed Humps. Made from rubber, our high-traction speed humps are extremely visible and durable.

Easy-to-install, modular sections are an excellent way to test traffic-calming solutions in different areas prior to a permanent application. Place them strategically on streets and residential thoroughfares; in parking lots and parking garages; industrial properties; construction work zones; in/around street fair events; and at schools, universities, hospitals and apartment complexes.Our speed bumps quietly and effectively slow traffic without vehicle or tyre damage. By using our speed humps you are also increasing pedestrian safety.

Installs easily with bolts which are provided with each piece. Simply drill a hole with a masonry bit and penetrate the asphalt or concrete surface below. Removable for road surface maintenance.


  • All-weather easy maintenance: will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode.
  • Extremely durable: tough enough for heavy traffic.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oils, moisture and damage.
  • Easy, one-person installation with basic tools. Installs securely with provided installation hardware.
  • Flexible: conforms to road curvature and any asphalt or concrete surface.
  • Easy to remove and relocate, for temporary or permanent installation.

There are no minimum quantities for ordering JMP Speed bumps.
Our most common requirement is for a 3 meter package of the 50mm high. This consists of 5 straight pieces and two end caps.
No longer should you expect to pay over $700 for this package contact JMP today to find out how you can purchase one for WELL UNDER this price!

As you can see from the video below, it makes sense to use JMP speed humps all the way from one side to the other in order to prevent dangerous driving and to ensure all drivers slow down in the required zone.